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who are we

Children should be free to participate in sport in a healthy, safe environment free of discrimination, abuse, or sexual violence.

We know from our South African experience and International research, that children’s sport is an occupation that attracts people who may abuse children. The abuse in sport dynamic is largely due to the access that coaches have to children often without other adult supervision.

Sport often involves physical contact with children that is not possible in any other teaching profession. This is the “socially sanctioned deviance in sport” where certain behaviours by coaches are accepted in this context, where it would not be in a broader social context.

Sport allows grooming to take place, often in plain sight, that is the precursor to child abuse by trusted adults. Central to this dynamic is secrecy! We know that secrecy is the controlling element of abuse in general, but in sport, the secrecy is also linked to access to privilege. It must be emphasised that secrecy is the power we refer to in abuse.

wmaca athletes against child abuse is a victim-centric organisation run by survivors of abuse in sport.

We offer, lived experience in strengthening the voice of victims; authentic, practical support and resources to athletes, families and communities affected and effected by abuse and we will be enhancing sporting bodies and governments response to abuse and implementation of their safeguarding initiatives and procedures.


In this complex, often seemingly unmanageable child protection system, wmaca aaca has access to a comprehensive basket of services through the existing WMACA infrastructure and a network of local and international collaborations in the following areas:

  1. Education and Prevention:
  • Collaborate with existing organisations, develop and implement holistic and proactive safeguarding policies and best practice with sporting bodies.
  • Share lived experience, educate and implement through workshops for children, parents, officials, teachers and administrators.
  • Implementation of Safeguarding policies in particular vetting, police clearance and certification to registered sporting bodies.
  • Inform and empower victims of the procedures and resources available to them so they know they have a “safety net” that will listen and fight for their rights.
  • Facilitate registration, certification, education and police clearance of sport coaches and administrators.
  1. Victim Support:
  • Lived experience.
  • A safe, neutral support mechanism without reprisal or influence via wmaca and growing network of partners.
  • A comprehensive practical guide to the process from “victim to survivor”.
  • An extensive, existing network of professionals based at wmaca Kidz Clinics in Alexandra and Boksburg
  • An established national network of professionals including, amongst others SAPS Sexual Offenses Units, NPA, Specialist Legal, psychologists and councillors.
  • Physical, psychological and emotional support pre and during all legal procedures and proceedings.
  1. Advocacy:
  • To be a voice of children and their rights and campaigning for justice for victims of child abuse in sport.
  • Raising awareness around current child abuse and historical abuse, and its long-term effects.
  • Actively campaigning in media to bring attention to inadequate systems and procedures around the safeguarding of children in Sport.
  • Lobbying for changes to laws pertaining to the safeguarding of children and persons working with minors in sports e.g., section 110 of the Children’s Act.
  • Not letting cases “fall through the cracks”.
  • Ensure there is a clear distinction between criminal and other disciplinary cases in Sporting bodies constitutions.
  • Hold sporting bodies “accountable” for the implementation of the Child Protection Policy.

the team

Olivia Jasriel

Olivia Jasriel


Played international tennis in her youth and is still actively involved in the sport. She is an international icon and trail blazer for historical abuse cases having successfully gained 2 rape and 1 indecent assault of minor’s convictions against disgraced tennis player Bob Hewitt in 2015. This led to the abolition of the 20-year statute of limitations in 2018.

She has worked tirelessly, in her personal capacity with Women and Men Against Child Abuse and various other organisations over the past 11 years to bring sexual predators in the sporting fraternity to justice.

She has extensive experience in the lodging and court process of both current and historical abuse cases. Olivia story offers victims and survivors a first-hand account of courage, hope and inspiration and she is a fearless voice for change in the sports world where abuse is rife.


Olivia brings to wmaca aaca lived experience, a unique set of skills and a vision to challenge and change the current system to ensure that children are safe to enjoy sport in an environment free of abuse.