Kidz Clinics

Our Kidz Clinics provide a range of comprehensive, professional, CHILD-FRIENDLY treatment services to the victims of child abuse, and have assisted more than 19,800 children from 2000 to date.

We render psycho-social & forensic assessments, trauma debriefing and therapy to children who have been sexually and/or physically abused or seriously neglected. Support and therapy are also provided to the non-offending members of the child’s family.

Our approach is completely victim-centered, to alleviate the secondary abuse that, sadly, too often goes along with disclosing these very intimate and serious crimes.


Children are seen on an out-patient basis. The Kidz Clinic process is structured to reduce the fear and anxiety synonymous with abuse, to alleviate secondary victimisation, and to promote healing.

Services at the Kidz Clinics are rendered by qualified professionals in the field, including doctors, social workers and a forensic nurse, who conduct a thorough assessment of each child and provide the following:

  • Psycho-social and trauma evaluation
  • Forensic and court competence assessment for criminal cases
  • Trauma debriefing
  • Play therapy and on-going therapy
  • Forensic Medical Examination and treatment, completion of a J88 form, to accompany police docket
  • Assistance in opening a criminal case with SAPS
  • Testing and treatment of STI’s
  • HIV/AIDS testing and counselling
  • Pregnancy tests, counselling and support
  • Court Preparation therapy, for children who need to testify in court
  • Removal, when necessary, of a child from an unsafe environment, to a place of safety or alternative care (assisted by Child Welfare)
  • On-going therapy for child victims and parents
  • Compiling assessment reports to be used in court
  • Social workers, doctor & forensic nurse testify as expert witnesses

The Kidz Clinics function within the parameters of a medico-legal and social work structure where strict and professional standards are maintained.

Our dedicated team provides individual, group, family and play therapy and court preparation to children whose rights have been violated. In addition we advocate for each child’s right to justice, dignity and respect within their communities and the criminal justice system.

Our staff deal with all forms of sexual offences; including sexual assault, molestation, rape, attempted rape, statutory rape and harassment. They deal with physical and emotional abuse, neglect, grief and loss, trauma, witness to violence, assault and bullying, young sexual offenders, HIV counselling and behavioural problems.

Referrals to the Clinics are made by Police Services, the Department of Education, as well as individual Schools, Health clinics, Child Welfare Societies, Doctors in private practice, Hospitals, community members, friends and family.

Preventative work is vital, but one must be realistic and admit that it doesn’t reach the offenders. Therefore organisations like WMACA, together with the justice system, have to be there to support the victims through therapeutic services and ensure that harsh punitive sentences serve as a deterrent.

We also:

  • Provide support to the non-offending family members/care givers of the child
  • Prepare abused children for the court procedure to prevent secondary trauma to the child
  • Provide learner empowerment through an in-school early Intervention and education programme, with a “care for your animals” aspect, entitled ‘Ukunakekela’. Read more here.
  • Run a Youth Development Programme for the counselling of juvenile sex offenders
  • Run life skills workshops for teenagers at risk
  • Monitor court cases involving the violation of children
  • Highlight the often-inappropriate sentences handed down to perpetrators of child abuse, through protests and media exposure
  • Lobby Government departments to uphold the rights of the child, and advocate for increased child protection legislation, as well as changing the statute of limitations on older legislation



Alexandra is a crowded township adjacent to Africa’s financial capital. The Kidz Clinic is strategically situated behind the New Alexandra Police Station.



The Boksburg Kidz Clinic is the flagship clinic situated in a quiet street close the the CBD. This industrial city and its environs are deeply affected by the recession and rising unemployment is placing strain on families and communities.