Constance Mudau


I am Ntakadzeni Constance Mudau, a qualified Social auxiliary worker who is registered with the South African Council for Social Services Professionals (SACSSP). I obtained my SAW Certificate from Khanya (LUXE) College in 2015. I have 5 years of experience working with children and families who have been abused in different kinds of abuse. I am now currently employed by WMACA since July 2017, and my role is to do intake (psycho-social services) to the victims, therapy (giving life skills to the client who have behavioural problems), community projects, safe talk at schools ( to give awareness of all kinds of abuse to the learners and what to do if they have been abused) and also facilitation of parenting and family preservation programmes ( to give parents parenting skills on how to raise their own children and also help the family to solve their own problems). I am a respectful person who respects everyone and treats clients equally no matter what the circumstances.