Leilani Maré


Graduating at UP in 1996 as a Social Worker, Leilani Maré has always been involved in working with children. Her experience varies from child protection at a grassroots level to the monitoring of programmes aimed at child protection and –development. She has also been involved with an Organisation focusing on the needs of disabled youth, assisting with the placement, protection and development (personal and employment) of the youths.

Teaching youngsters life skills has always been a passion for her and she has always been involved with that on one level or another. Another passion is helping children understand and realise their value and potential. Through therapeutic work, she has found the mechanism to convey this message more efficiently and at the same time help hurt children to heal.

Leilani is currently employed as a contract Social Worker at WMACA (Kidz Clinic Boksburg) doing Play Therapy with children aged 3yrs to 18yrs. Through well-proven play therapy techniques, she assists children that have been exposed to trauma through abuse, divorce and loss, to come to terms with the pain. Children with behavioural problems and related issues such as defiant disorders and anger issues also form part of her caseload. Teaching life skills and effective coping mechanisms form an integral part of her service delivery.

Leilani’s motto in life is:  ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’