Quarterly Report: Apr to Jun 2021

Women and Men Against Child Abuse officially launched its athlete’s wing‚ which is fronted by one of the victims who
helped put disgraced tennis star and child rapist Bob Hewitt behind bars.

Olivia Jasriel is already dealing with cases involving allegations of abuse in netball‚ swimming and water polo‚ along
with co-founder Debbie Wade‚ who herself is fighting for justice in a historical case against a man who is now a
swimming coach.

Describing the trauma of the case against Hewitt‚ and subsequently opposing his parole‚ an emotional Jasriel said:
“Sweeping it under the carpet is not OK‚ turning a blind eye is not OK. We want every coach‚ parent and teacher to
know that we are watching them.”

Miranda Jordan‚ founder of WMACA‚ said the addition of the Athletes Against Child Abuse wing was a logical move.

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