Quarterly Report: Oct to Dec 2016

Bit of a late welcome to the New Year!

May 2017 be happy, successful and prosperous for us all!

At WMACA and the Kidz Clinics we hit the ground running in January. The clinics attended to 75 NEW reported abuse cases in January alone.

Our Advocacy team has already attended numerous court cases and have been instrumental in obtaining some good sentences in cases we have been monitoring for a while.

(You can see updates on our Facebook page, and highlights will be in our next report)

Our new website also has a daily news feed from Facebook.

Thank you to all the sponsors who helped out and gave contributions to our Kidz Christmas Parties! As always, the children arrive a little frightened and hesitant, but once they have enough sugar and take part in all the activities, they have a ball! It’s a wonderful thing to see and be part of, every year.

Please share our news and details with your networks, if you’d be so kind. Fundraising is an ongoing effort.

Best wishes

Tania Otto