Vincentia Dlamini


Growing up in a family that always reached out to children in need has had a great influence on my life choices. If there was a child who needed to be taken in, my family stepped in. In my matric year I showed up with a classmate needing a conducive environment to study, we shared a room with her until exams were over, this is who we were in my family.

Dropping out of engineering and pursuing nursing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After graduating as a registered nurse, I decided to do a forensic nursing course which allowed me to not only take physical and forensic evidence for court but to offer a friendly environment that allowed mainly victims of sexual assault comfort and courage to deal with their trauma.

I joined WMACA in 2006 because I found it to be speaking to what I was about as an activist for social justice and my passion has been kept alive.

Every child deserves to live in an environment free from harm and this responsibility falls upon all citizens to protect their rights.